Roland and Diane Alvarez           Wednesday 6:30 PM 610 W.10th  


David and Monica Luna               Sunday 6:30 PM 1201 W. 10th   



Ray and Judy Macha                    Friday 6:30 PM 1819 CR. 100    

David and Carla Sells                   Wednesday 6:30PM 1120 Holliday


Lana Box                                      Wednesday 5:15 PM TLC Main Campus

Rocky and Lucy Gonzalez            Wednesday 6:30PM  210 Navasota Dr


David and Debbie Patrick            Wednesday 6:30 PM TLC Main Campus    

*All life groups are in English*

*Servicio de español se reunirá cada Jueves @ 6:45PM en el edificio de los niños*

For any questions please feel free to contact us 806-293-4154