We are so glad that you have visited our website! Our hope is that you feel at home and get connected with us here at Trinity Life Church. Our goal for this year is to see more people get connected to Christ, their calling, and to Trinity Life Church than ever before. We have two easy steps for you to get connected with us, Next Steps and Life Groups. With these two avenues we want to help you not only join a church but begin the journey of discovering who you are called to be.

Next Steps

Next Steps is a class for anyone who is wanting to become a member, begin serving in the church, or wanting to get baptized. In Next Steps we cover it all. This is is the first step and the most important one in getting connected. It is a one time class that takes place on a Saturday Morning and last a couple of hours. If you are interested in signing up to attend the next available class simply click on the Nest Steps Logo to the left, fill out the form, and submit it. We are excited that you are becoming a part of the Trinity Life Church family!

Next Steps will take place March 28, 2020. You can sign up now by clicking the Next Steps link.

Life Groups

We believe that relationship is key to growing in Christ. So here at Trinity Life Church we have groups that meet in peoples homes. We call these Life Groups. The goal of a life group is to not only help you grow in know Christ but also build relationship with people who are walking the same path you are. We have life groups that meet throughout Plainview. If you are wanting to join a life group just click on the image to the right, pick a life group from the list, fill out the form and submit it.  Someone will get in contact with you soon so that you can begin attending a life group. We are very excited about taking this next step with you!

We are currently on in our spring semester of life groups.  You can find a list of times and locations for by clicking here.