The Beginning

In 1988 Pastors Steve and Karen Martinez moved to Plainview, Texas to take over as pastors for Templo Magdiel Assembly of God church. In 1994 Pastors Steve and Debbie Rogers arrived in Plainview to begin pastoring Calvary Church. That same year the Calvary's name was changed to Trinity Fellowship Church. Two years later the name Templo Magdiel was changed to New Life Church as Pastor Martinez was celebrating 8 years of pastoring. in 2014 after pastoring for 20 years, Pastor Steve Rogers began asking the Lord what was next for Trinity Fellowship Church. The Lord dropped a question in Pastor Rogers heart. "What would be the possibility of Trinity Fellowship merging with New Life?" With that big question began an incredible journey that lead Trinity Fellowship Church and New Life Assembly of God to merge to become Trinity Life Church. February 15, 2015 was the inaugurating service that took place in the Herald Auditorium on the college campus of Wayland Baptist University. Since that day the Lord has been moving through the heart of Trinity Life Church and brought a once separated part of the body of Christ into unity.


Pastor Steve and Karen Martinez begin pastoring Templo Magdiel on the corner of 13th and Galveston


Calvary Church is vandalized and severely damaged in a fire. Plans for a new building begin to come together.


Pastor Steve and Debbie Rogers are brought in to pastor Calvary Church with a new name, Trinity Fellowship Church, as construction begins on the new facilities.


Templo Magdiel is renamed to New Life Assembly of God


New Life Assembly moves to 11th and El Paso which eventually becomes the downtown campus of Trinity Life Church.


Trinity Fellowship purchases the 180 youth buildings which will be later know as the south campus used primarily by the youth ministry of Trinity Life Church, Giantslayers.


11th and El Paso is official bought by New Life Church and the 13th and Galveston property is given away to another local church.



Inaugural service of Trinity Life Church